Hi! I’m Anessa, an eighteen-year-old college student born and raised in New England. Here on Food Finessa (Kitchen Finesse with Anessa), you can find creative spins on classic comfort food, healthy, plant-based recipes, and extra sweet desserts. Using locally-farmed produce in recipes is really important to me so stay tuned for fresh, seasonal recipes that satisfy all from meat-lovers to paleo people to vegans.

I started Food Finessa in May of 2013 when I filmed the first episode on my computer’s camera (hopefully my videos have increased in quality since then!). I am especially passionate about food photography, videography, and styling, and all photos and videos on the website and YouTube channel are taken and produced by me.  Whether it’s of a soothing winter stew or a festive summer barbecue, each photo on the site represents a little story that reflects the current season (I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words). Since I live in New England, the changing of the seasons heavily influences the recipes, photography, and videography I create on Food Finessa.

Pumpkin is my absolute favorite ingredient so you can expect pumpkin recipes…possibly all year round 🙂

If you make any recipe on the site, be sure to tag your creation with the hashtag #foodfinessa. Bon appetite!


I am also a student pianist, and if you love music, check out my piano YouTube channel!

My Latest Recipes